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Home Scores and Results 2022 Shorty Hill Memorial Shoot
2022 Shorty Hill Memorial Shoot
Shorty Hill Memorial
Freestyle Score X's Barebow Compound Score X's
Sly Cooper 300 57x Ken Liberton 258 8x
Jason Marks 300 47x
Micah Smith 300 46x Barebow Recurve
Aaron Glass 299 47x Johannes Gildenhuys 257 8x
Neil F Cooley 298 43x
Marques Smith 298 41x Trad
Tim Potter 298 40x Chris Charboneau 226 0x
Sequoyah Williams 290 19x Jeff Warner fun
Sr. Freestyle Sr Olympic Recurve
Wendel Smith 297 46x Jeff Starkweather 284 18x
Randy Tayrien 260 10x
Sr. Trad
Silver Sr Freestyle Ken Dixon 241 9x
Greg Gettys 297 38x
Silver Sr Trad
BHFS Dale Cooley 190 4x
Micah Phillips 289 29x
Brad Lankford 275 18x Master Sr Trad
Clint Rymel 275 17x David Jilge 192 2x
Chris Elliot 267 15x
Sr. BHFS Braden Lankford 241 11x
Frank Welch 299 47x
Jesse Sparks 252 11x YA FS
Braden Lankford 268 16x
Carl Nall 288 27x Youth Trad
Keith Hill 287 30x Carson Charboneau 151 3x
Kyler Hill 195 5x Caleb Butts 260 12x
Youth BHFS F Cub Trad
Andrew Hill 258 10x Gentry Charboneau 120 2x