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Home Scores and Results 2009 State Target (September 12, 2009)
2009 State Target (September 12, 2009)

PlaceMale FreestyleScoreX's
1Joshua Ray88429
2Chris Blockcolski87634
3Kasey Gipson87628
Steve Wingo86131
 Clint Kubat86022
 Mike Idell85618
 Randy Callison85417
 Daniel Ellis84924
 Terry Talton84819
 Tony O'Brien84416
 Ted White83920
 Dwayne Gates8017
 Bob Stevenson6632
 Female Freestyle
1Lauran O'Brien83011
 Male Bowhunter Freestyle
1Randy Henton87125
2Jim Chaloupek86020
3Greg Gettys85919
Mark McMillan83417
 Lee Hickey8149
 Joseph Engle7304
 Female Bowhunter Freestyle
1Debbie Chaloupek7756
 Male YA Freestyle
1Chris Kubat    84713
2James Syzemore7948
Female Young Adult Freestyle 
1Bethany Syzemore7608
Male Youth Freestyle
1Will Gibson    86119
2Dillon Chaloupek8194
3Steven Freeman8098
Thomas Pope7625
 Male Cub Freestyle
1Tyler Pope85722
2Trystin Duffy81211
3Brock Hutchison77412
Cade Mitch7385
 Sr Freestyle
1David Blockcolski85715
2Rick Syzemore81210
3Robert Herman80513
Master Sr Freestyle
1Fred Hockett8287
2CR Northcutt7517
Freestyle Limited
1Alfred Logsdon6954
Sr Bowhunter Freestyle
1Hearl Callison    80613
Freestyle Limited Recurve
1Bill Harris, Jr7776
2Mike Maupin6441
GuestSteve Freeman7587
Sr Freestyle Limited Recurve
1Dave Eastman755
1Sid Read361
2Kenneth Stephenson324
Sr. Traditional
1Bobby Graham714
2Dave Jilge583
3Tim Nestell550
Master Sr. Traditional
1Gordon Horsechief6081
2Gary Hertzler5772
Female Youth Freestyle
1Kelly Hickey82213
2Makenzie O'Brien7599
3Makayla Weaver498
Female Cub Freestyle
1Allie Canaday82924
Male PeeWee 
1Rhett Gamble84528
Female PeeWee
1Meghan Mitch6234