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Home Scores and Results Southwest Open Marked 3D - Wagoner (May 22/23, 2010)
Southwest Open Marked 3D - Wagoner (May 22/23, 2010)
Southwest Open Marked 3-D
Hosted by Wagoner Archers
May 22nd and 23rd, 2010
Male Freestyle
Josh Ray   214   10X
Frank Welsh   192   3X
Donnie Abbott   191   4X
Bubba Wood   189   4X
Darrell Shaw   189   3X
Virgil Mosley   183   5X
Wendall Smith   182   3X
Mica Smith   177   4X
Robbie Thompson   fun   0x
Male Sr. Freestyle
Dan Chaffin   206   10X
Mike Atwell   202   5X
Male M Sr. Freestyle
John Shanks   204   6X
Alfred Crow   201   5X
Dean Pridgen   194   6X
Fred Hockett   185   3X
Male Pro Freestyle
David Lay   220   12X
Kevin Ballinger   212   8X
Jason Robison   212   6X
Art Brown   205   6X
Mark McMillan   208   6X
Travis Sweeney   198   6X
Tim Hopkins   185   1X
Clint Hall   180   4X
Tom Sweeney   180   1X
Greg Gettys   178   2X
David Packard   177   1X
Danny Ellis   167   3X
Chris Stephens   98   0x
Richard Greenup   84   0x
Male Sr. BHFS
John Gipson   181   5X
Rooster Potts   161   1X
Male Barebow
Jerry Henderson   97   0X
Male Sr. Barebow
Roger Hayes   168   1X
Female Traditional
Brenda Carter   127   0x
Female Sr. Traditional
Leslie Tonihka   133   0x
Male Traditional
Keith Vandever   165   3X
Gary Carter   147   1X
Mark Watkins   fun   0x
Male Sr. Traditional
Bill Warwick   152   0x
“Bad” Bob Harrington   149   0x
Dave Ledford   145   0x
Larry Summerlin   141   0x
Ron Summerlin   135   0X
Ronnie Bayird   134   2X
Male YA Freestyle
Brody Johnson   187   4X
Cody Metzer   187   3X
Joe Welch   178   5X
Dakota Chancellor   175   3X
Nacona Ingram   162   1X
Mike King   133   1X
Male Youth Freestyle
John McClain   204   5X
Josh Swan   196   5X