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OSAA 2019 Hall of Fame

Ladney Keener

Ladney’s profession is that of teacher and coach. Ladney is employed by Locust Grove Public Schools. Ladney has coached track and field, softball, volleyball, wrestling and archery. It is in the sport of archery that Ladney has coached the majority of his state champions. Ladney started the JOAD archery program in Rowe, New Mexico at the Native American Preparatory School in 1996. His teams in New Mexico produced two state championships. In Locust Grove, Ladney started the National Archery in School Program in 2005. Ladney’s teams have won four State High School Team Championships and one Elementary State Championship. His teams have produced three individual State Championships, as well as, several state placers. Ladney’s teams have qualified have qualified for nine National Tournaments. In addition this past year one of his archers was selected for the USA All=Star Team, at the World Championship in Canada, helping the United States team to the gold medal. In addition to being an outstanding coach Ladney is an accomplished archer.

Listed below are some of Ladney’s Championships

New Mexico Championships: 2 Indoor, 1 Target

OSAA Championships:

4 State Indoor

5 State Field

3 State Targets

3 State 3-D

NFAA Sectional Championships: Outdoor

USA (NAA) 3rd place Indoor –

Four Southern Regional Championships.

Four World Cornstalk Championships.

Southern Plains Champion, McAlester Trad Shoot,

2007 Ladney is a member of OSAA,

Wagoner Archery Club,


USA Archery


We welcome Ladney Keener to the OSAA Hall of Fame - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



OSAA 2018 Hall of Fame

Harold Stamper

In the pre-compound era of archery, there were three divisions of competition.  The three divisions were Freestyle, Barebow, and Bowhunter.  There were also no age divisions, making winning a State Championship even more difficult.

Perhaps the best recurve barebow archer in Oklahoma history was Harold Stamper of Bartlesville.  He was a member of the Bartlesville Archery club during the sixties and seventies.

Harold consistently shot in the upper 280’s and lower 290’s in Indoor competition while winning several State Indoor Championships.

Harold was also at the top of the list of barebow shooters competing in Target and Field championships.

Perhaps Harold’s crowning achievement was winning the 1972 NAA (USA Archery) National American Round Championship.

We welcome Harold Stamper to the OSAA Hall of Fame.

OSAA 2017 Hall of Fame

Fred Hockett


Oklahoma State Archery Association (20 years)

Alternate NFAA Director 1year

Director NFAA 4 years

National Field Archery Association

Trosper Archery Club member 20+ years

Range captain 2 years

Sargent at arms 1 year

Life Member

Taught USA Archery and NFAA level 1 and 2

Line judge for NASP School Program Tournaments

Arrowhead Archery

Archery instructor for Wiz Kids  Camps at Crystal Lake in Oklahoma City

Staff Shooter and helped with Crystal Lake JOAD

Rock Mountain Elk Federation

National Rifle Association


OSAA Championships Senior, Silver Senior and Master Senior

Indoor - 8

Field - 8  Holds State Records for Field, Hunter, Animal and total score in Master Senior Class

3-D Unmarked - 8

3-D Marked - 3

Broadhead - 9

Target - 7

Aggregates - 9

Total Championships - 52

Southern Sectional

3-D Marked - Sectional Champion 2009

Field 2nd place - 2

Field 3rd - 1

State Games of America Colorado Springs, CO

2005 Target (900)  3rd place

2005 3-D Unmarked 2nd place

2007 3-D Unmarked 2nd place

2009 Target (900) 3rd place

Numerous Championships at Sooner State Games and Oklahoma Senior Olympics


I have harvested numerous deer, elk, bear, turkey, boar, coyotes, bobcats, fish, and small game.  Some of the most treasured moments have been with friends and hunting partners Jeff Steele while elk hunting in Colorado and Bob Chester deer and bear hunting in Oklahoma


First I want to thank everyone for all the fond memories I have received while competing in archery.  Some of my best friends have come from hunting and competing in archery.

My love for archery started in junior high when my shop teacher helped me make my first bow.  I’ve been shooting a bow for over 55 years.  I didn’t get into competitive archery until 2002, when a friend, Mike Atwell, talked me into going to a 3-D Shoot.  That’s all it took and I was hooked.  And then the traveling to tournaments began, Vegas, Louisville, Houston, Colorado Spring, etc.

Growing up in a small town in NW Oklahoma, my interests were sports, camping, hunting, fishing and scouts (where I held the rank of Eagle Scout).  The outdoors was my life and hunting was my passion.  A bow fit right in.  Bow hunters are the best and I am proud to be one.


My passion now is teaching my grandchildren the sport of hunting and archery so they will have a true understanding of what the sport means to me.


OSAA 2016 Hall of Fame


Rick McMillin

“I just loved watching the flight of the arrow, I couldn’t get enough of it..” commented Ricky McMillin about his early efforts as an archer.  The 2016 OSAA Hall of Fame Inductee began his bow and arrow adventures at a very early age.  “I received my first bow from Santa around age five.”  Although that early bow lacked in quality and accuracy, it sparked an interest that would carry him, his brother and a close friends to being some of the best archers in the land.

Through his junior high and high school years, McMillin drifted away from the bow, to pursue other interests, namely his love of horses and rodeo.  The drive to compete led him to bareback bronc riding, bull riding and relay racing, where he also earned World Champion honors.

After marrying his high-school sweetheart sidelined his rodeo interests, he returned to his love of watching the arrows fly.  Consumed again by this lifelong passion, Rick started shooting a recurve bow in 1976.  That bow served him well in bow fishing and hunting.  It was on one of these many trips that he heard about a local archery tournament.  He attended that first tournament and realized that the bow and arrow would become more than just a hobby for the 20 year old newlywed.

Quickly thereafter, McMillin joined the Bryan Co Bow Hunters in nearby Durant, OK, as well as the Grayson Co Bow Hunters, in Sherman, Texas.  After many miles attending meetings, competitions and helping fellow club members, he and several friends founded the Lake Country Bow Hunters Club, headquartered in Ardmore, near Lake Murray.

Over the next 15 years, McMillin acquired numerous titles, trophies and awards from both indoor and outdoor shoots across Oklahoma, Texas and surrounding states.  Some of these titles include:  Second place at the 1985 Outdoor NFAA Nationals, six OSAA Field Championships, two Southern Sectional Outdoor Championships, third place in the Ben Pearson Memorial, back to back Men’s Freestyle titles at the NFAA National Outdoor Tournament in 1987 and 1988, and first place in the Adult Male Freestyle division of the IFAA World Tournament in 1988. He also won an OSAA Broadhead Championship, OSAA Indoor and Outdoor Championships, also competing in NFAA Indoor Sectional Tournaments, numerous Texas/Oklahoma Shoots and Kansas/Oklahoma Shoots and the Las Vegas Open.

Throughout this successful archery career, McMillan competed and traveled with several close friends and his younger brother Barton McMillin, who also received numerous national awards and recognitions.

By 1991, shoulder injuries from near constant practice sessions and competition had slowed the Ben Pearson Archery staff-shooter.  It was then that he decided to hang up the bow for the last time.  McMillin retired from UPS in 2015 after 31 years as a package car driver and now enjoys spending time with his wife Luann, carpentry projects and competing in bass fishing tournaments through Oklahoma and Texas.  The McMillins have been married 42 years, have two adult sons, Nic and Kaysen and still reside in Marietta, Oklahoma.




Dennis Barnes

Archery in my life began in 1969 with my first bow, a Bear 60# Kodiak Magnum.  I then bought my first compound in 1975, a Jennings Model T; boy have things changed since then.  I hunted and played with a few bows for the next few years and in the early spring of 1980 I was in my back yard shooting when this guy drove into my driveway.  He got out of his truck and walked over to where I was shooting and introduced himself.  He said “hello, I’m Rick McMillin and I see you shoot a bow too”.  Well that was the start of a great relationship with as good a friend you could have.  “Thank you Rick.”  I had never been on an archery range before and he asked if I would like to go shoot at an outdoor range.  I said sure, and I was totally hooked.

I shot all that year and in so doing, won both the State Outdoor and State Indoor Championships.  Well, Rick and I traveled many miles together the next 15 years and helped each other anyway we could.  We pushed each other to the next level and I can’t count how many shoot offs the two of us have been in against each other.  I would not change a thing; it was so good to have a friend like that.  I met so many awesome people along the way.  In 1981 at Aurora, Ill, during the NFAA Outdoor National, I was so fortunate to get to meet Fred Bear, I even got his autograph.  Many years later, after his passing I ran into his longtime friend Frank Scott at another tournament in Florida.  Mr. Scott took me to the Bear Factory and toured it and then took me into Mr. Bear’s own private office, left exactly like it was the last time Mr. Bear had been there.  That was truly one of the high lights of my entire archery career.

I have been fortunate enough through the years to harvest several animals with my bows, mostly deer but also bear and elk, and one bear with my recurve.  I shot for several manufacturers including Martin, Pearson, PSE, Hoyt and Mathews.  Kinda shows my age when I say this, but I was on the first IBO 3 man team that PSE ever had.  Actually shot NFAA, PAA and IBO all the same year.

I’ve been very blessed with my archery, in the people I’ve become friends with as well as the success I have had, which could not have been possible without all my archery friends and family.  I think between NFAA, OSAA, IBO and Oklahoma Bow Hunting Council, there are 42 State, Sectional and National Titles that are recorded.  I wish I still had time to shoot.  I will never forget that feeling you get when you step up to that line and you’re trying to get your heart rate back below 200, LOL.  My son and both my daughters also shoot bows and hunt.  I have coached several archers through the years including two National and World Champions, I have been an archery instructor with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Hunter Safety Course Classes and also a Certified NASP instructor.  I stopped shooting competitively in 2000 and really miss it.  I’ve had both shoulders operated on and they are doing great.  I’m thinking I may have to draw it a few more times.  I thank the good Lord for my blessing and so many great friends in my path.

OSAA Championships:

10 Outdoor State Championships

5 Indoor State Championships

1 State Target Championship

2 Broadhead Championships

Southern Sectional Championships

6 Outdoor Championships

5 Indoor Championships

Oklahoma Bowhinting Council

3 State Broadhead Championships

4 State Broadhead Team Championships

NFAA Championships

1981 - Outdoor Nationals, 2nd  place

1984 - Outdoor Nationals,1st place

1984 – Presidents Award at Outdoor Nationals

1988 – Outdoor Nationals, 4th place

IBO From 1991-94: World Team Championship (2nd), Southern Triple Crown (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd), Southern Triple Crown Overall (2nd, 2nd), Oklahoma State (1st, 1st)

1988 - Pete Shepley Desert Shootout

Top Gun overall Money Winner

1988 – Fresno Safari World Team Championship

1989 – Fresno Safari overall individual 1st

1992 – NFAA Beman Pro Am

1981 – Southwest Open – 1st


1984 – Southwest Open – 1st



OSAA 2015 Hall of Fame

David Jilge


David has been shooting a bow for over sixty years. He still has the first bow that he bought in 1954. David has always been and always will be a die hard traditional archer. Along with archery, football and wrestling have been passions of his with the latter earning him a scholarship to Lamar Junior College in Colorado. With the only exception that David spent in the Navy, where he served aboard the nuclear submarine SSBN Lewis and Clark, David has always enjoyed October and November in the woods hunting with his bow.

David did not start shooting in archery tournaments until 2000, after he retired from Bridgestone Firestone Tire Company with thirty years of service. Listed below are David’s accomplishments in tournament archery.

OSAA Target – Champion in 2006, 2009, 2015 OSAA 3-D – Champion in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015

OSAA Marked 3-D – Champion 2015 OSAA Broadhead – Champion 2008, 2009, 2015

OSAA Field – Champion – 2009 OSAA Indoor – Champion 2015

Along with numerous runner-up finishes to his mentor Bobby Graham

NFAA National Outdoor Target Championship – Champion 2014

NFAA National Unmarked 3-D Championship – Runner up 2012

National Senior Game (Target)

2007 Fourth

2009 Champion

2011 Runner-up

2013 Fourth

2015 Runner-up

Huntsman World Senior Games

Target 900 Champion 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 (new game record). Runner-up 2013

3-D Champion 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014

As an avid bowhunter, David served as an officer in the Bowhunting Council under four presidents from the early seventies thru the eighties. He was also a volunteer White Hat at McAlester Army Ammunition Depot for more than twenty years. David was also an official measurer for both Pope & Young, and Boone & Crocket organizations for more than twenty years.

Now David spends most of his time going to archery tournaments all over the U.S. with his three best friends, as well as, fishing, hunting, going to grandkids baseball and volleyball games and trying to catch up on his lovely wife of thirty five years honey-do list. In David’s spare time he likes woodworking, including self-bows. David’s fondest memory of archery is teaching his grandson to shoot a bow when he was four, and sitting in a tree stand with him. Looking forward to the next thirty years of shooting.

We welcome Dave Jilge to the OSAA Hall Of Fame




2014 Inductees


George Dixon began shooting competitively in 1962 in Muskogee. He would later become the president of his local club, the “Indian Capital Archers”. George would also serve as the President of OSAA for two terms, from 1976 thru 1979.

George always gave back to the sport of archery. Besides leading his local and state organizations, George started the Bowhunting Education program in Oklahoma as well as, being Oklahoma’s first bowhunting education coordinator. George was also a 2 term president of the National Association of Professional Archers. George was also a senior partner of the ASA for five years.

To say that George was a champion archer would be an understatement. Some of his wins are:

9 OSAA Field Championships

3 OSAA Indoor Championships

1 OSAA Target Championship

1 OSAA Broadhead Championship

2 Southern Sectional Field Championships

1 ASA World Title

1 IBO World Title

2 Cabelas World titles

7 World Corn Stalk Championships

As a result of George winning the World Corn Stalk Championships, he was invited by the Smithsonian Institute and National Park Service to put on a demonstration at the Institute. The demonstration was shown on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, with Curt Gowdy hosting the program. George’s picture still hangs in the Smithsonian’s Museum of National History.

As great of a target shooter George is, he may be a better hunter. He has taken 41 Pope and Young animals, including: Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Goat, Mountain Lion, Canadian Moose, Yukon Moose, along with African Greater Kudo, and a New Zealand Red Stag.

We welcome George Dixon to the Oklahoma State Archery Association Hall of Fame.




2013 Inductees

Ronnie and Donna Christian

Ronnie’s start in archery began when he was 6 years old, and received a “real” bow for his birthday. Ronnie has owned a bow ever since.

Donna started shooting a bow in high school, where her school offered archery in PE class.

After Ronnie and Donna started dating they began shooting together, using recurve bows and shooting at cardboard boxes as targets.

In 1964 Ronnie and Donna were married and 4 years later they started their own family of archers. It was at this time that they began to get serious about competitive archery. They both joined their local archery club, the Craig County Bowhuinters, the OSAA, and the NFAA. Ronnie and Donna started shooting tournaments going to a tournament almost every weekend, rain sleet or snow. Between the pair they have won over 300 trophies, along with 3 OSAA big buck awards, and 4 big fish awards.

Among Donna’s awards are:

Numerous OSAA Indoor and Outdoor Championships

Several Southern Sectional Indoor and Outdoor Championships

NFAA Indoor National runner-up in 1996 in Tulsa, OK

NFAA Indoor National Champion in 200 in Louisville, KY

World Indoor Champion in 1996 in Tulsa OK

Among Ronnie’s awards are:

Numerous OSAA Indoor and Outdoor Championships, where Ronnie still holds the State records.

Ten OSAA aggregate plaques

Several Southern Sectional Indoor and Outdoor Championships.

The pair have given back to archery by teaching the sport at girl scout camps, teaching archery at the Wild Turkey Federation, “Jakes Day”, and setting up and running Craig County Fair 3-D archery shoot for years.

Donna stated that she discovered how much fun bowhunting was by taking many nice bucks with a bow. Their sons and daughters in law are now bowhunters, and their grandson is also a bowhunter, so it must have rubbed off from Grandma and Grandpa. Donna says that there is nothing like sitting in your tree stand and watching the sun come up, and thanking “God” for the beautiful day.

We welcome Ronnie and Donna Christian to the OSAA Hall of Fame.

John Mott

Every once in a while we run across an archer that gives back to archery in a big and unselfess way, John Mott is one of those archers. Anytime that anyone need aid, with equipment or shooting lessons, John was there to assist.

John has been an avid archer and bowhunter for well over 50 years. John has harvested 64 deer with his bow.

John was also a member of the OSAA from 1965 thru 1978. During this time John won numerous OSAA Championships, competing in the OSAA Broadhead, Indoor, Field and Target Championships.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s National mail-in tournaments were a big deal, and John was the National Champion from 1967 thru 1970. John also operated an archery shop from 1965 thru 2005.

In 1972 archery was reintroduced to the Olympic games. John trained and qualified for the final trials that led up to the selection of our Olympic team.

We welcome John Mott to the OSAA Hall of Fame.




2012 Inductees

Ron Smart


Ron Smart was one of the best finger shooters to ever shoot a bow. In fact it was in the early 1990’s that Ron won the  Vegas shoot shooting in the Bowhunter class. This was Ron’s major win as an amateur.


Ron also won many OSAA State championships in the Bowhunter Division.

If winning Vegas was Ron’s major win as an amateur, then his major win as a pro had to have been the Cabela's NABH Championship in Mesa Arizona in 1995.

Ron’s major accomplishments are as follows:

2nd - Cabela's NABH Tournament-1998-Abileene, TX
1st - IBO Triple Crown 3rd leg-1999-Erie, PA
1st - NABH World Championship- 1999-OKC, OK
2nd - ASA World Championship-1999
3rd - ASA Metropolis, Ill.-1999
3rd - NABH World Championship-2000-Nebraska
2nd - IBO Triple Crown 2nd leg- 2002-Nelsonville, OH
1st - IBO Triple Crown National Team Championship - 2002
1st - IBO Triple Crown National Team Championship - 2003
1st - NFAA National 3-D Unmarked Championship - 2005 - Yankton, SD
1st - IBO National Triple Crown - 2007 - Erie, PA
1st - NFAA National 3-D Unmarked Championship - 2008 - Yankton, SD

Besides being an accomplished tournament archer, Ron is just as successful as a bowhunter. Below are some of the animals that Ron has harvested with his bow.

50 plus Whitetail bucks
13 Pope and Young bucks, the largest taken during the 2011 season and scored 180 plus inches.
4 Antelope - 1 making Pope and Young 1 Mule Deer
2 Bull elk and 1 cow elk Numerous and other small game

We welcome Ron Smart to the OSAA Hall of Fame........






2011 Inductees

Becky Cole

To say that Becky Cole was a natural with the bow and arrow would be an understatement. Becky began shooting in August of 1987.  By February of 1988 Becky had won her first State and Sectional Indoor Championship.

Becky did not stop there.  In March she won the National Indoor Championship in Kansas City, setting a National record in the process.  That record stood for the next four years.

Some of Becky's accomplishments include:
8 State Indoor Championships
9 State Field Championships
She also placed at the NFAA Field Championships, in Wausau, Wisconsin in 1991.
In 1995 Becky placed 2nd at the International Championships that were held in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Becky is a past member of the Wagoner Archery Club and the Tulsa Archery Association. While a member of TAA she served as the club President, and the Secretary of the OSAA.

Archery is not the only sport that Becky excelled in. Basketball was another passion of Becky’s. As a high school player she was a 3 time all conference selection and 2 time conference MVP. She was selected to the All-State team as a senior.  Becky played in the inaugural Oklahoma/Texas all star game.  Becky was later selected to the “All Decade” team for the 1960’s.

Becky played Junior College basketball at Seminole, where she was selected All-Tournament Team at the National Junior College Championships. Becky played her junior year of college at Wayland Baptist, and finished her college career at Northeastern State University, where she was a member of the Oklahoma College Championship team, and named to the All-tournament team.

Becky also represented her country at the Pan American games, in Cali Columbia, where the USA squad won the Silver Medal.

We welcome Becky to the OSAA Hall of Fame……

Miles Blair

Not only is Miles Blair a two time National Archery Champion, but also an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, and golf.  Miles also enjoys sharing his passion for archery with others by serving on the Executive Committee for the Tulsa Archery Association. 

Miles has given countless archery demonstrations for the cub Scouts, Bartlesville Public Schools and at the Outdoor Ed Program for Caney Valley Public Schools.
Miles has been shooting competitive archery for 18 years at the local, state, and national level. 

Some of Miles accomplishments include:
1995 Vegas Shoot Champion
1996 Oklahoma State Target Champion (tied the state record)
1996 Oklahoma State Field Champion (tied the state record)
1996 OSAA Aggregate Champion
1996 NFAA National Indoor Champion
1997 Oklahoma State Indoor Champion
1997 NFAA National Indoor Champion
1997 NABH Semi-Pro Shooter of the Year

Miles was a past member of the Bartlesville Archery Club, as well as, a staff shooter for PSE, Hoyt, Easton, and Swarovski Optics.  Miles has also been a past NFAA and ASA pro.

Miles now enjoys the new challenges of learning to shoot left handed, teaching his wife to shoot a bow, and recently begun to shoot a recurve.

Having a strong commitment to family, Miles took a long break from competitive archery while his son was involved in school sports, but still enjoys shooting with the many friends, and great people that he has met in the archery world.

We welcome Miles to the OSAA Hall of Fame…..



2010 Inductees


Dale Cooley

In archery, as in most other activities, there are only a select few who readily give back to their sport.  Dale Cooley is truly one of those individuals.

Dale has served on the local level as a member of the TAA since the late 1970’s.  Dale served as the president of the TAA from 1988 thru 1995.  Dale has also been a member of the NFAA and the OSAA for the past 24 years, serving as president of the OSAA from 1994 thru 1995.

It was as a member, and president of the TAA that Dale was a force in bringing the NFAA National Indoor Championships to Tulsa from 1994 thru 2000.  During these years Dale was named the Indoor National Local Coordinator, as well as, being awarded the “Outstanding Achievement Award” by the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.

Dale is also an accomplished archer and hunter; listed below is part of Dales accomplishments:
7 State Championships
4 Sectional Championships
Member of the Pope and Young Club
Animals harvested include:  Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Cousedeer, Whitetail Deer, Javalina, Bobcat, Coyote and numerous small Game.

With all of the awards and accomplishments that Dale has earned in archery his most fulfilling achievement has been receiving the sport of archery from his father and sharing archery with his son Neil, his brother, family and friends.  Dale said that his greatest friends in life have come to him through his association with archery.  And some of his most treasured moments have been with Neil while bowhunting.

We welcome Dale Cooley to the OSAA Hall of Fame 2010!

Roger Hayes

Roger Hayes has been shooting a bow since he was 5 years old. Roger grew up shooting his bow,  and in 1969 he joined the OSAA and in 2004 became the Vice President of the OSAA in 2004.

Throughout his years of competition Roger has accumulated an assortment of titles from just about every level.  Roger holds the Male Barebow and the Senior Male Barebow records for the Field, Animal, Hunter and Overall rounds outdoors.  In 1989 he set the State Indoor record with an astonishing 586 points, a record that still stands today.  Roger also set state records in 3D and Broadhead Championships, the records held up until the OSAA decided to discontinue keeping records in these two rounds.  Listed below are his State and Southern Sectional results:

58 OSAA State Championships:
9 Indoor Championships
12 Field Championships
16 3D Championships
21 Broadhead  Championships

6 Southern Sectional Championships:
2 Indoor
2 Field
2 3-D

As well as being an accomplished  target archer Roger also is an accomplished hunter having harvested with his bow numerous whitetails, ducks, geese, turkeys, squirrels and just about everything else the roams his woods.

Along with Charlie Burns and Evan Boyd, Roger founded the Wagoner Traditional Archery Club in 2001.  The club is one of the most active in Oklahoma, hosting numerous State and Sectional Championships.

When not on the range or in the woods you could find Roger in the classroom teaching Social Studies, P.E. and Drivers Education.  Roger also served as Assistant Principal at both the Junior and Senior High Schools before retiring as Assistant Superintendent of Wagoner Public Schools in 2008.

Boxing has been another passion of his having coached the United States Boxing Team for 14 years, competing on 3 continents, including the 1986 Goodwill Games in Moscow.

Roger can regularly be found on the range or in a treestand teaching his grandson all the tricks he has learned over the years. He has been a strong promoter of the sport not only locally but across the state.

We welcome Roger Hayes to the OSAA Hall of Fame.


2009 Inductee


Loyd S. Napier


Feb. 3, 1943 - Dec. 30, 2008

Loyd was a force in his time; the sixties and the seventies were definitely his best years. Loyd was a feared and respected competitor not only in Oklahoma, but all over the Southwest as well. As a result of Loyds skill level, he won many titles on the state and regional level.

Loyd just might have been a better inventor of archery products than he was a competitor; Loyd was definitely ahead of his time. In the early 1970’s Loyd invented the Failsafe release and got a patent on it, while everyone else were playing with back tension and ledge releases, the Failsafe was at least 5 years ahead of its time. A few years later Loyd came up with the Failsafe Hunter model, and designed many more releases for close friends to sell as their own signature models.

Loyd was the first man to recognize nock travel and then do something about it. He come out with the Redman bow, a bow of his own design, he put a larger wheel on the top limb and as a result got “0” nock travel out of his design. Most bowyers incorporate the “0” nock travel into their bows one way or another. The Redman bow is still sold today under a different name and some refinements. One would have to have known Loyd and be with him to realize what a giant he was and all of the refinements that he contributed to the archery industry.

We welcome Loyd Napier into the OSAA Hall of fame…..



2008 Inductee


Bobby Graham

Bobby Graham has been a vital part of the Tulsa Archery Association for many years, during this time Bobby has been instrumental in range set-up, running tournaments, or doing whatever is necessary to keep the Tulsa Club running.

Bobby also has many accomplishments in archery competition. Bobby’s strong suit just may be his versatility. Bobby is just as competent shooting 3D, as he is at shooting Target, Field, Indoor or Broadhead. There aren’t many Traditional archers that can master all of these disciplines, (at Bobby’s level).

Some of Bobby’s accomplishments are:
36 State Championships
12 Southern Sectional Championships
Placing in the top 3 at the last several National Indoors, including placing 2nd at the 2008 Championships.
National ASA 3D Champion.
National ASA “Shooter of the Year.”

We welcome Bobby Graham to the OSAA Hall of Fame.



2007 Inductees


Ray Rogers

Jimmie and Christy Hargrave

Ray Rogers

Shortly after Ray Rogers moved to Muskogee from Muldrow, his mother bought her 11 year old son his first bow; the rest is history.

Ray set his first world record of 1,203 points at the OSAA Target Championships in June of 1967. Ray then surpassed that mark later that summer at the World Championship Trials in St. Louis. He then traveled to Amersfoort, Holland in August and although he did not set another world record at the tournament, he did win the World Target Championship. (Ray was also a member of the gold medal men’s team championship).

Ray continued to break his own world record at the National Championships in Watkins Glen, New York and again at the Ambassador Cup in Canada. In 1968 Ray repeated as champion of the Ambassador, while setting his last world record with a score of 1,238 points.

Rays last major victory came in 1969 at the National Championships that were held in Valley forge, Pa.

Archery became a part of the Olympics in 1972 but by then, Ray had quit shooting competitively. And just like that, it was done.

He now lives in North Carolina with Shirley, his wife of 27 years.

This marks the 40th anniversary of Ray’s World Championship. As the then president of the OSAA Don Webb (1967) stated, “Ray Rogers was the greatest archer that ever lived.” We can all agree that he was definitely the greatest of his era and we are honored to add Ray Rogers to the OSAA Hall of Fame.



Jimmie and Christy Hargrave

Jimmie and Christy Hargrave live in Avant, Oklahoma. The couple have two children, ages 19 and 15. Jimmie began competitive shooting in 1988 and Christy followed two years later, in 1990.

The pair have been members of the Tulsa Archery Association since 1989, where Jimmie served as President and State Representative for several years. Jimmie has also been a member of the NFAA Pro Division, ASA and IBO Pro divisions.

In a normal year the couple will travel to the Las Vegas World Archery tournament, the Indoor Nationals, and most of the State and Sectional tournaments.

Jimmie is also an avid hunter, taking between 90 and 100 deer with the bow. Many of Jimmie’s deer have made the Pope and Young record books. Jimmie has also harvested mule deer in Colorado, and elk in New Mexico.

Jimmie was injured while fighting fires in 1995, and after four years of rehab, he was told that he would never shoot a bow again, but with the help of a friend, Jimmie switched to a left handed bow, Jimmie is shooting as well, if not better now than before the accident.

Christy and Jimmie have won a number of State, Sectional, and National awards, listed are their awards:

Christy has won a total of 12 State Championships, 6 Sectional Championships, Christy has also placed 3rd in the National Indoor Championships twice, as well as placing 2nd at the Outdoor Nationals.

Jimmie has won a total of 37 State Championships and 8 Sectional Championships. He has also placed 2nd in the Indoor National Championships, first place in the Pro-Am Indoor Nationals, two top ten finishes at the Las Vegas World Archery Championships, and a 3rd place finish at the Outdoor Nationals. (Not bad for an archer who was not supposed to be able to shoot again!!)

We welcome Jimmie and Christy Hargrave to the OSAA Hall of Fame.

2006 Inductees


Jim and Pat McDonald

Rick and Jennifer Gilley

Jeff and Gayle Steele


Jim and Pat McDonald

Not only were Jim and Pat McDonald excellent archers, but their service to archery included the invention of the Hydraulic Stabilizer, the Tru-Nock (nock straightness indicator), plastic water proofing spray for feathers, and the invention of the Rifle Barrel arrow Rest.

Jim’s Championships include:
25 State Championships
8 Southern Sectional Championships
1 North America Championship
6 National Championships
1 World Indoor Championship
1 World Outdoor Championship

Pat’s championships include:
7 State Championships
2 Southern Sectional Championships
2 National Championships (indoor and outdoor)
1 World Outdoor Championship
1 runner-up World Indoor
1 North American Championship

We are proud to welcome Jim and Pat McDonald into our Hall of Fame.



Rick and Jennifer Gilley

Rick Gilley
Rick started shooting competitive archery in 1965. Shooting Barebow, Rick won his first State and Sectional Championship in 1966 against the legendary David Hughes in Texas.

In 1969 Rick put a sight on his bow and traveled to Cobo Hall in Detroit where he won the International Indoor Open with a sudden death shoot-off with Chuck Jordan.

Since that time Rick has shot in the Professional Freestyle ranks in both the PAA and the NFAA. Rick ranked in the top 10 for 5 years with his highest rank being second place. Rick is currently third in the Senior Pro Division.

Rick won many of the big tournaments, such as the Lake of the Woods and the Milwaukee Sentinial.

Rick has won over 265 tournaments, included are 55 state Championships and 18 Sectional Championships.

Rick has bowhunted since he was 17, taking over 150 big animals including caribou, mountain goat, black bear, antelope, mule and whitetail. Rick has also taken his share of hogs, javelina, turkeys, coyotes, bobcats and just about every small game animal that you can think of.

Rick also served as the NFAA Director of Oklahoma for two years, as well as, the Vice-President and Range Captain of his home range of Tulsa Archery Association. This past year Rick and Jennifer were awarded lifetime memberships for their continuing service to the club.

Jennifer Gilley
Jennifer’s archery career started in 1986 when she received her first archery equipment and joined the Tulsa Archery Association. During the years that followed, Jennifer became more interested in competition, as well, as hunting.

Jennifer was Treasurer for 3 years and Secretary for 2 years for T.A.A. She is also a member of the National Field Archery Association, Oklahoma State Archery Association and the Oklahoma Bowhunting Council.

Jennifer has competed in tournaments such as the Las Vegas Open, NFAA Indoor and Outdoor Nationals, Big Sky Open, P.S.E. Desert Shoot-Out, Ben Pearson Memorial, IBO World Championships and ASA tournaments.

In July of 2004 Jennifer joined the Pro Division. Below is a list of major wins. 2006 NFAA Indoor Nationals – 2nd
2005 NFAA Indoor Nationals – 1st
2005 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 1st
2004 NFAA Indoor Nationals – 2nd
2004 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 1st
2004 IFAA Outdoor World – 1st
2004 NFAA Indoor Nationals – 1st
2003 NFAA Indoor Natiionals – 1st
2003 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 1st
2002 NFAA Indoor Nationals – 1st
2002 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 1st
2001 NFAA Indoor Nationals – 4th
2001 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 1st
1999 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 3rd
1998 NFAA Indoor Nationals -2nd
1998 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 2nd
1996 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 2nd
1995 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 3rd
1994 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 3rd
1994 Big Sky Open – 1st
1993 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 2nd
1992 NFAA Indoor Nationals – 5th
1992 NFAA Outdoor Nationals – 1st
1992 Ben Pearson Memorial – 1st

In addition to the above accomplishments, Jennifer has won 23 Southern Sectionals, and 44 State Tournaments.



Jeff and Gayle Steele

Jeff Steele
Jeff Steele retired from the Oklahoma City Fire Department on April 15, 1998 after 25 years.
Currently employed at Kings Archery Pro Shop
President of the Oklahoma State Archery Association for many years
Member of the National Field Archery Association
State Chair for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Master Instructor for the International Bowhunter Education Program
Instructor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Hunter Education Program
Life Member of the Bowhunting Council of Oklahoma
Life Member of Trosper Archery Club, Oklahoma City
Member of the National Wild Turkey Federation Bowhunter for 35+ years
Guides elk, deer & turkey hunters
Co-manages Red Fork Hunts, L.L.C.
Coordinator for Oklahoma City Fish and Game Conservation Deer Survey Program

Jeff has harvested numerous deer, turkey, boar, elk and one bear with his bow.

Jeff has competed in archery for 30+ years and has won many OSAA Championships for Indoor, Field and Broadhead. He has won the IBO Southern Triple Crown, Southern Sectional Field, Indoor Nationals, and ASA Championships. He won the first ever NFAA Southern Sectional Unknown Distance tournament.

He has harvested over 100 P&Y Class big game animals including deer, a B&C Class elk, and a B&C class black bear. He has taken 60 turkeys with his bow and too many small game and varmints to count.

Gayle Steele
Employed at Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City (October 1994 to present)
Took over as Secretary of the Oklahoma State Archery Association in 1987 and served for several years
Member of the National Field Archery Association
2nd Vice President of the Bowhunting Council of Oklahoma
Secretary for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Instructor for the International Bowhunter Education Program
Instructor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Hunter Education Program
Life Member of Trosper Archery Club, Oklahoma City
Member of the National Wild Turkey Federation Bowhunter for 25+ years

Gayle has competed in archery for 20+ years and has won many OSAA Championships for Indoor, Field and Broadhead. She has won the IBO Southern Triple Crown, Southern Sectional Field, Indoor Nationals, and ASA Western Regional Championship. She won the first ever NFAA Southern Sectional Unknown Distance tournament

Gayle has harvested deer (one P&Y) and turkeys with her bow

Jeff and Gayle are both on the pro staff of several companies

Together, they have taught archery at Boy Scout camps, the Youth Hunter Education Challenge, and done demonstrations for the Hunter Education Class through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife. They also do turkey and deer hunting seminars for Bass Pro Shops

They also coordinated a month long deer survey for the Oklahoma City Fish and Game Conservation and look forward to working on more projects in the coming months

We are proud to welcome Jeff and Gayle into our OSAA Hall of Fame

2005 Inductees


Fred and Patsy Pocock

Betty Grubbs

Janice H (Jane) Johnson

Brad Thompson


Fred and Patsy Pocock

As goes Fred and Patsy Pocock so goes the OSAA. Without a doubt Fred and Patsy are the backbone of our organization and have been for a number of years. They began their involvement in archery in 1966 and joined the NFAA that same year, both later became life members. Patsy took over the OSAA newsletter in 1972 and except for a few months has published it ever since. Fred served as State parliament for 8 years, state secretary from 1974 thru 1981 and has just recently taken the office again. Patsy was our classification secretary from 1975 to 1984 processing all state and national dues. In 1987 Fred and Patsy both received an award that no other Oklahoma NFAA member has received the NFAA medal of Merit. Since Fred’s retirement he operates the Arrow Shop. His main concern in his archery business is to make sure that people get started in archery on the right track. Fred has spent so many hours helping others with instruction especially the kids. We cannot imagine the Oklahoma State Archery association without Fred and Patsy.



Betty Grubbs

The OSAA would like to recognize one of the greatest Barebow shooters in the history of the NFAA. Betty Grubbs was Oklahomas first NFAA champion. Betty won the National Field championship in back to back years, competing at Watkins Glen in 1964 and 1965 Betty brought the titles back to Oklahoma. Betty also won numerous State championships. Betty passed away in 1970, after setting the bar high not only for Barebow shooters for all archers.



Jane Johnson

A career mathematics teacher Jane also taught Archery at Casady school until retiring in 1991. Jane was an archery team leader in the 1983 US sports festival at Colorado Springs. As a National Judge she officiated at the 1986 Olympic Festival in Houston, the 1991 Festival in Los Angeles and the 1995  Festival in Boulder, and was archery venue coordinator for the 1989 Olympic Festival on Oklahoma City. She was named Assistant archery commissioner at the 1993 festival in San Antonio and Archery commissioner at the 1994 Festival in St Louis.

At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Jane participated as a scoring judge. She also served as an archery judge by invitation in Canada and Italy, and served on a jury of appeal at the championships of America in Cuba.


A long time member of the NAA coach development Committee, Jane participated in developing the curricula for NAA instructor. Jane conducts archery classes in the region of the US.
Jane was elected to the board of Governors in 1991, 1995 and again in 2001 to represent the south region on the board. She served as vice president of the NAA from 1995-1997 and as president from 1997-99. In 1998 Jane was elected a member of the board of the NAA foundation and is currently serving as its president.



Brad Thompson

Brad Thompson has been an avid archer and member of the Tulsa Archery association since the 1970’s. Brad is one of the friendliest archers around and is an excellent ambassador for our sport. Brad has nine state titles in the freestyle and freestyle limited divisions. In 1999 Brad won the bronze medal in the world championships. In 2000 Brad won the world and national indoor championships in the freestyle limited division. Brad is a true friend of archery.

2004 Inductees


Joe and Helen Thornton

Jim and Ida Revis

Dean and Rosie Pridgen

Joe and Helen Thornton

You cannot think of archery without the name of Joe Thornton coming to mind, along with Joe’s wife Helen, the couple have attained world acclaim. Listed below are their accomplishments:

Joe Thornton:
1961 World Champion, Oslo Norway
1962 British National Champion, Windsor, England
1963 Silver Medalist at the World Championships, Helsinki, Finland
1963 Silver Medalist at the World Championships, Vasteras, Sweden
1961-63-65 member of the U.S.A. World Champion Archery Team
Joe also won several State Championships in the 1960’s.
Joe also served one term on the N.A.A. board of Governors, 1968 to 1971.
Joe was also the leader of the movement to get archery into the 1972 Olympic games.

Helen Thornton:
1963 was a member of the gold medal winning ladies World Championship team, Helsinki, Finland.
1963 won the Southern Archery Championship, setting records in the American and Columbia rounds.
1965 member of the U.S.A. Ladies World Champion Archery team, taking the gold in Vasteras, Sweden 1966 N.A.A. Ladies National Champion
1966 member of the U.S.A. Ambassadors Cup Team that won the North American championships
In 1968 Joe and Helen brought the N.F.A.A. National Tournament to their hometown of Tahlequah.
In addition to these accomplishments the couple found time to give demonstrations to countless schools, Boy Scout group, and church camps.


Jim and Ida Revis

When thinking about archery in Oklahoma, whether on the local, or state level you cannot help but think about Jim and Ida Revis. This couple gave of their time for many years to further the sport of archery in this state. Both served on many committees while becoming outstanding competitors. Listed is a summary of their accomplishments:

Jim Revis:
Jim was a Barebow, Bowhunter, and Traditional shooter; in fact Jim was instrumental in getting the traditional class adopted in N.F.A.A. competition. State Bowhunting Secretary State Director from 1974 until 1981 Sectional Councilman from 1981 until 1996 Jim also won 2 N.F.A.A. Championships, and over 50 State Championships

Ida Revis:
Ida also shot Barebow and Bowhunter. Ida was our state secretary for a number of years, as well as, representing Oklahoma as the state director when called on to do so. Ida won 12 N.F.A.A. Championships, and over 40 State Championships. Archery was truly a way of life for Jim and Ida, and we owe a great debt to them for their dedication to our sport.


Dean and Rosie Pridgen

Without a doubt the most decorated couple in archery has to be Dean and Rosie Pridgen. Dean and Rosie have a total of 2 World titles, 36 National Titles, 102 Sectional Championships, and 121 State Championships. Listed is a summary of their accomplishments:

Dean Pridgen:
1972 NFAA Outdoor Champion, Adult Male Freestyle
1973 NFAA Outdoor Champion, Professional Adult Male Freestyle
1977 NFAA Outdoor Champion, Professional Adult Male Freestyle
1979 NFAA Outdoor Champion, Professional Adult Male Freestyle
1982 NFAA Indoor Champion, Professional Adult Male Freestyle
1984 NFAA Indoor Champion, Professional Adult Male Freestyle
1985 NFAA Indoor Champion, Professional Adult Male Freestyle
Along with these NFAA Championships add 8 additional Senior Male Freestyle Outdoor and 7 Senior Male Freestyle Indoor titles for a total of 22 NFAA Championships.
1982 Tropicana (Vegas) Pro Champion
1985 L-K Open, PAA Champion
1986 PAA National Champion
Fresno Safari Champion
Lake of the Woods Champion
10,000 Lakes Champion (twice)
Big Sky Open Champion (twice)
Five time Easton points Champion in the pro division
39 Sectional wins as a pro and 17 as a senior
43 State wins as a pro and 18 as a senior

Rosie Pridgen:
1984 World Champion (Sweden)
1986 World Champion (Scotland) 1987 NFAA Outdoor Champion, Adult Female Freestyle
1992 NFAA Outdoor Champion, Adult Female Freestyle
1997 NFAA Outdoor Champion, Adult Female Freestyle
1990 NFAA Indoor Champion, Adult Female Freestyle
1994 NFAA Indoor Champion, Adult Female Freestyle
Along with these Adult division championships, Rosie also won 7 NFAA Outdoor and 2 NFAA Indoor Championships as a senior.
Rosie has a total of 2 World, 14 National, 46 Sectional, and 60 State Championships, along with and Atlantic City Classic title.

Archery has been a passion for most of Dean and Rosie’s lives. The couple have traveled around the world and met many great people and made many friends, as a result of the sport of archery